Tuina is a therapy based on traditional Eastern medicine. Tuina literally means press and rub. Tuina exerts pressure on certain points in the meridians – the energy channels of the body – to stimulate the flow of qi.

As a preventive therapy, tuina is especially well-suited for people who have trouble moving, because tui na stimulates blood circulation and combats aging. What’s more, tuina also stimulates the functioning of the internal organs and it improves the nervous system and immune system.

“I usually use tui na to prepare for other therapies, in order to loosen up the muscles and joints.”

The techniques consist of pressing, turning, squeezing, knocking and kneading, and the therapist uses fingers, fists, palms and elbows.


  • • Removes obstructions in the energy flow, ensures qi in the entire body
  • • Improves the circulation of qi and blood
  • • Restores vitality
  • • Relaxes the tendons
  • • Improves the functions of the internal organs
  • • Has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and immune system


  • • Neck, shoulder, back and joint problems
  • • Headaches
  • • Stress
  • • Exhaustion
  • • Digestive problems