Moxa is a heat treatment that burns moxa (mugwort) near special places on the meridian. Moxa is generally used in combination with Chinese and Japanese acupuncture. The word “mox” comes from the Japanese word Mo Cu San, which means mugwort, or artemisia vulgaris.

A feature of the moxa is that it burns slow and hot, giving off immense infrared radiation. Because of this, it heats and feeds places on the body where energy is scarce.

Moxa is mainly suited for people who suffer from cold hand, feet and stomach. People with arthrosis often experience relief and relaxation after a moxa treatment.

A moxa stick is lit and moved along the area to be treated at several centimetres’ distance. As a result of the immensely hot glow – which never feels hot to the touch, it has to be said – the area without energy is fed.


  • • Heats and feeds
  • • Gives more substance and qi to areas without energy
  • • Relaxes and relieves pain


Mainly for people with cold issues, such as:

  • • Cold hands, feet, or stomach
  • • Arthrosis